The Greatest Discovery Ever!

The greatest discovery you will ever make is not a wooden chest filled with gold coins, or the true location of Noah’s ark, or a new species of plant or animal, or anything of the sort. The greatest discovery a person could ever make is the discovery of the potential of their own mind.

History is full of great minds and great achievements; but those achievements were all born in the mind of a person willing to listen to their own greatness – their own power from within. I can think about airplanes, and flying, for instance; but only because others thought of such things first – and in such ways that great, flying creations naturally resulted.

I say “naturally resulted” simply because everyone knows the only truly verifiable law of human nature is, “As a man thinketh, so it is done…” Other great minds throughout history have said the same thing in many ways; and it is up to us to come to understand what they mean – if we want true dominion over our own lives, anyway. How do some people turn their thoughts into reality — regardless of the size of the thought — when others seem completely unable to control the thoughts they choose to dwell on? There are at least two very different things going on here — two very different ways of using the mind and its ability to believe.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge;” and Henry Ford put it this way: “If you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!” Both men – great and remembered for very different accomplishments – were simply paraphrasing the same teachings Jesus was passing along, and the same axiom investors must come to understand: “Past performance is no guarantee of future success.” It doesn’t matter what we “know” from experience, in other words; it matters what we “think” and “believe” about the future. As William James writes, “Belief creates the actual fact.”

The person who knows that men cannot fly in airplanes is not the person who spends long hours seeking such a thing, nor is he the person remembered for inventing the airplane. There are certain “rewards” reserved for he who believes. The difference between these men is not that one has a mind and the other does not; the difference is that one is using his mind while the other is using his brain.

The brain is where we receive and process signals from our environment – sight, sound, etc, enter our brain as waves of energy passing through the holes in our heads (pupils, ears, nostrils, mouth, pores, etc…). The brain and nervous system is also where we store that information as memory – just as your computer does. The things that go into our head are said to either stay in, or be accessible by, the brain. But that’s not where NEW things come from; they come from the Mind.

The brain stores and processes historical archives, or memory; creation comes from the Mind, arrives as a positive, uplifting feeling in your heart, and then travels to the brain as inspiration, just as sound travels there from your ears, light from your eyes, and smells detected by your nose. The heart is the “sensory organ for truth and inspiration;” hence statements such as, “As you believeth in your heart…,” by people who are wise enough to know the difference between “information” from the heart and head.

Just because you assume they mean “head” when they say “heart,” doesn’t mean they did. Research done by neurocardiologists at The Institute of Heart Math has highlighted for the entire medical world that the Heart is the source of Intelligence in the body – not the brain. And, in fact, the belief that the brain tells the heart when to beat is also a thing of the past.

The fact is that the signals sent out by the heart are much stronger (perhaps 40-times stronger) than the signals produced by the brain. The brain communicates with the heart, in other words, but only because it lives is it able to do so; and the source of that life, and the information that allows the brain to operate, is within the heart – just as is the source of the human heartbeat (another new understanding in medicine). The brain sends information wherever nerves go; the heart sends information to every living cell in your body.

The next time you say to yourself, “Man! I knew I should have…!” ask yourself which “part” of you KNEW what to do. You will find the part that “knows” is different than the part that “thinks and plans.” We represent these as a little “demon” on one shoulder and a little “angel” on the other, but this is the choice we are always faced with – whether to listen to our hearts or to our heads.

Unfortunately, because our heads are so close to our ears and our hearts are a little further south, most people listen to their brain (“I’d better do this; or something bad might happen…”) and respond to common fears and judgments about potential outcomes. This is why they say, “Think long; think wrong;” and the fact it is so easy and common is why they say that “the path to destruction is wide…”

Dream; dream big; and believe in yourself, your dreams, and in your heart. You can either believe you can, or think you can’t, but the choice is yours alone to make; and the choice you make is the reality you get. The world isn’t expecting you to be afraid; it is waiting for you to shine. So put your hand on your heart and be still. Ask for what you want, think and dream about it no matter what it is, or how big or small. When that thought feels like love in your heart, it is on its way. Then, do whatever you feel inspired to do; and do it boldly.

If you feel it in your heart, it is part of your plan. Have faith in yourself and keep knocking until the door opens. “Knock and it shall be opened unto you…” doesn’t mean knock once and walk away from your dream. Why would you do that at the door to your future? You deserve to live your dreams as much as the next person; but you can’t live them if you don’t have them, and you can’t enjoy them if you don’t learn to enjoy! If you want to live and be happy, you must be like a child; responsible adults are far more likely to die than happy, playing children. Don’t let your beliefs about life, and time, steal your time and life from you. Discover the power of your heart and mind. Discover your self; and discover your dreams.

The Greatest Discovery

There is a great discovery I have found, and I wanted to share with you today. Is it possible that there is a great discovery? Of course there is, and here you will find the most important finding in your life!

Right now what are you doing? Right now where are you going?

Wherever you are, you are either traveling to a destination or are at the destination of choice. Some people may say, they didn’t choose…

However, the truth is that on some level, we did choose.

The key thing to remember, is that you can take conscious control of your life!

When we travel somewhere, we have a map, but in life we don’t!

The greatest discovery is that you can make a vision for your life, and create a map that can help you to move forward from one success to the next!

When you know where you want to go, you can be sure that your own map will keep you focused.

For many people though, life is a process of sailing along and waiting for surprises, and when positive ones come, they are happy, but when negatives come, they are not!

When you take conscious control, you will still have the good and bad, but the good thing is that you will be moving with purpose, and to a destination that you choose.

If you want to go to Hawaii, you know that you will get there. You can make the destination point – Hawaii, then you would take the steps, until you find yourself in the destination of choice.

Discover the Greatest Discovery Any Man Can Ever Discover and Do So Almost Immediately!

Another New Year has passed by and another Christmas Season is over but there may already be failed resolutions, and perhaps even more importantly lingering questions or doubts in your heart and mind.

To what am I referring?

Many may have attended Carol Services and Nativity presentations.

Did anyone come away from such an occasion still wondering who Jesus Christ really is, and can that same Jesus Christ do anything to help me in 2015?

‘Yes, He can,’ comes the strong positive reassuring answer, if that is your question or dilemma.

One day the whole of Jerusalem asked this question. We read of this question being asked in the Gospel of Matthew.

It is always good to ask good questions. Part of my life’s work has been to read and study and search and seek to answer the many questions which people have posed to me over these past forty or so years.

If I might be able to help you in any way in this regard please do not hesitate to contact me and there are excellent and superb facilities on this website where this may be done.

It has also been a joy to go and speak on these biblical and scriptural questions. All I have garnered and gleaned is for sharing and for sharing freely and there is no hidden agenda.

One day I have to answer for every word I have spoken and preached and taught and written. You too will have to answer. That is why it is good to get all these big issues resolved and sorted out soon, and as early as possible in life.

Many still wonder and are curious, and may be frightened or too timid to ask.

“Who is this?”

Jesus Christ is the Son of God who came to save us and rescue us, showing us what the real love of God is like, and offering mercy and forgiveness to all who come to Him in repentance.

The influence of Jesus Christ is immense.

Once you have seen Jesus and met Jesus, and once you have had an encounter with Jesus Christ, you cannot put Him out of your mind, no matter how hard you try, or how determined you are to dismiss Him from your thoughts.

Man cannot live and act as though Jesus Christ never existed.

Jesus Christ died and rose again, and nobody else has ever done that.

Jesus Christ is totally and absolutely unique.

This is Almighty God breaking into the history of mankind in an unprecedented way, invading our dark world with light and love and power, only to be rejected and ignored, or explained away.

The consequences and fruit of Carol Services and Nativity presentations will be revealed by our attitude to worship alongside all the other believers in Jesus and disciples of Christ.

Even if you have not attended any of these December activities, the risen and living Jesus still waits for people to respond.

“Who is this?”

Discover the greatest discovery any man can ever discover.

Sandy Shaw is Pastor of Nairn Christian Fellowship, Chaplain at Inverness Prison, and Nairn Academy, and serves on The Children’s Panel in Scotland. He has travelled extensively over these past years teaching, in America, Canada, South Africa, Australia, 12 visits to Israel, and most recently in Uganda and Kenya.

Best Cold Sore Remedy – The Greatest Discovery By Local Doctor

Every person that has first hand experience on fever blister would know the early sign when it about to appear, a tingling sensation around the mouth. In a matter of days, it will develop into a painful patches that return again after a period of time.

Luckily, there is one solution that has been regard as the best cold sore remedy developed by a passionate doctor from Arizona. Dr Merril Chernov or known as “the great healer” was a general surgeon whom has been practicing for over ten years in Phoenix, Arizona. He started actively involved in researching while still a residence at Maricopa County Hospital.

Nowadays, he successfully own a medical outlet called Joshua Skin Care Center and also his best remedy product, the Cold Sore Solution. He said this particular product has been so effective that it will prevent the herpes patches from developing to the next stage.

Great feedback and amazing testimonial he received from his customer really proven the credibility of his product as the best solution for cold sores. One satisfied user said that he has been using other over the counter products and it would take up until ten days for the blister to heal, but when he used the Dr Merrill’s product for the first time the blister never comes back after applying it.

Depersonalization Discovery Cure

The greatest insight about depersonalization is the fact that it is not an illness. It may feel strange and even frightening but this does not indicate a true sickness or long term condition.

The Tired Mind

Depersonalization has its roots in anxiety and eventually the mind becomes exhausted from worry. The fatigued mind is fueled by the cycle of anxiety. The habit of worry is strong and the mind remains fatigued as the fearful behavior continues to cycle. You could say that depersonalization is a stubborn offshoot of the anxiety condition.

It makes perfect sense. When one is worried about how they feel, they become fearful. This becomes their pattern or behavior. The mind becomes tired from studying itself on a constant basis. One becomes hypervigilant, fearing if they lower their guard, they will lose control. Anxiety heightens and the cycle fuels itself.

If one were to STOP and recognize that this cycle is triggered and fueled by their own behavior (way of thinking), they could reverse the cycle immediately. Depersonalization depends on one’s constant train of fearful thoughts, which keep the mind fatigued, less resilient and incapable of concentration. These physical symptoms create more fear, which only adds to the habit of worry. And so, the cycle continues and the mind reminds fatigued.

The individual believes that avoidance of work, social life and responsibility is the answer leading to recovery. Nothing could be further from the truth. They cancel engagements and spend most of their time home alone, waiting for recovery to occur. There is a complete paradox to this, as the true path to recovery is not about being alone with one’s thoughts but by learning to change one’s behavior, engage in work, socialize, and allow the mind to refresh itself by learning to move out of one’s own way. It’s clearly about learning to use the specific process of recovery to interrupt the cycle of fear and worry, which fuels this condition.

This is the great discovery concerning depersonalization. One must learn to break the cycle of fatiguing anxious thought and step out of their own way. This is the path that allows the mind to refresh itself and rejuvenate. The mind is able to concentrate again, visual disturbances dissipate, the foggy mind clears and a true sense of clarity returns.

Many question the difference between depesonalization and derealization.

Depersonalization: Feeling unreal, detached, foggy and disoriented.

Derealization: Surroundings look or feel strange, different or unreal.

Both are treated identically and neither is a true illness. They are both the product of a fatigued mind, fueled by an underlying anxiety condition. Both are a stubborn form of anxiety treated by a very specific process. When the behavior is corrected, life returns to normal.

Two Step Behavior and Nutrition Correction

!. Behavior Modification- Learning to think differently is essential, in order to interrupt the behavior which fuels a fatigued mind. One must learn and practice a specific way of thinking in order to produce a refreshed mind. They must replace a long term unproductive behavior for a more productive one. This is not difficult but does require commitment to the process.

2. Applying and adhering to a precise diet and nutrition plan, designed specifically for rejuvenation of the mind to take place. This process will also create a far less reactive mind and body, stabilizing blood sugar levels and boosting serotonin levels in the brain naturally.

Application of the above along with understanding of the condition will allow a full and permanent recovery. This does not require a long or drawn out process. The only mandatory requirement is one’s commitment and willingness to follow the process in order for permanent recovery to occur

Once this process reaches fruition, there is no need for future concern involving relapse, since the individual knows too much at this time to fall back. One is fully aware and able to recognize elevated stress levels that could possibly trigger and tire the mind.

It is also important to note that this individual is highly reactive to outside stimuli (caffeine, nicotine, sugar, alcohol and medication, being highest on the list). Therefore, medication paradoxically offers the opposite of what one might expect. The highly reactive individual conversely experiences adverse reactions, overriding benefits from these pharmaceuticals. Also, difficult withdrawals occur more frequently when a sensitized individual discontinues medication usage.

In conclusion, the natural approach proves to be the most beneficial on an already sensitized individual. This is truly the greatest discovery concerning depersonalization and derealization, as medication not only exacerbates the situation but also prolongs symptoms in the majority of individuals. The two-fold approach of behavior modification coupled with diet/nutrition is the true and safest path to full and permanent recovery. It allows the mind to refresh as complete and permanent clarity returns. Life becomes easier to negotiate and a less stressful experience.